Bills Player Quits at Halftime and That Inspires the Shit Out of Me

Starting Buffalo Bills corner Vonte Davis decided to retire at halftime and refused to come out and take the field with his teammates in the second half of the Bills’ blowout loss to the Chargers. Instead, the former 2009 first round pick decided to call it quits and hang up his cleats.


The Bills just signed Davis to a one-year $5 million contract and it took him six quarters of play for him to decide that he wants no part of the Bills or the sport of football for that matter. The Buffalo defense gave up four touchdowns in the first half of Sunday’s game and that’s when Davis decided he had enough. I’m pretty sure that he might be the first player in the history of sports to retire during a contest. But hey I can’t blame him.


The Bills are a goddam dumpster fire and aren’t going to do much this season.

The Bills ended their 17-season playoff draught last year and the franchise looked as if it turned the corner. Flash forward to this past offseason and they get rid of two potential starting quarterbacks in Tyrod Taylor and A.J. McCarron, fired their offensive coordinator and decided that Nathan Peterman was their guy behind center. Keep in mind that this dude has a lifetime quarterback rating of 27. If you don’t know what that means just know that it’s out of 158.3 possible points.

Lets go back to yesterday’s game. The Bills were getting their teeth kicked in and Vonte Davis snapped and decided he decided a career change might be in order. I applaud this man. He left $5 million on the table just to tell the Bills, “Na I’m good.”


Davis got out of town before the Bills had a chance to be worst than the Browns from last year. There’s a slight chance that Buffalo goes winless this season. Davis also checked out because winter is coming and he’s got no time to shovel snow while playing for a shitty team.

I applaud Davis for his vigilance. I have done this in real life a handful of times. Not the whole retirement thing, but I definitely left an employer mid shift on a few occasions. And ya know what? It feels great. It’s the ultimate middle finger.

I remember leaving a pizza delivery job mid shift and my boss told me that I was not allowed to do so. I laughed at him on the way out and smiled the whole ride home. Another time I left a job on my lunch break. I was getting yelled at by my shitty boss for something that I had no control over so I politely asked to take my lunch and proceeded to go hit a quick 18 on the links. I also had a big shit eating grin for the duration of my round.

My latest time I quit at halftime was when I was an insurance agent. Yeah I know, how F’ing boring. Well I was in a training seminar and they guy running it was telling me how to scare people into buying life insurance. That’s when I shut my briefcase, turned off my phone and went on a hike. It was actually a great job and I was well on my way to making six figures, but it just wasn’t for me. So if anyone knows how Vonte feels it’s me. And he did the right thing.

If there’s something you don’e like in life you have the power to change it. It might be against the grain to turn your back on something while you’re in the thick of things, but if you don’t like it change it.

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