Are LEGOs the Nickelback of Toys?

Crossgates Mall announced there will be a new LEGO store opening in November. I’m sure it’ll be another killer addition to the mall’s impressive revamping it’s done over the past few years. LEGO is a huge brand and every kid enjoys ’em. But they receive a lot of flack on the internet for a brand as wildly successful as they are, much like another band I know.

(press release) “Our store at Crossgates Mall will enhance our consumers’ overall LEGO brand experience through product variety, store design and regular hands-on family events,” says Leslie Jenkins, senior director, LEGO Group.  “Children and families will be able to experience first-hand and hands-on the creativity and imagination that goes into LEGO building and be inspired by the over 4 million LEGO bricks that are in the store at any given time.”   

First of all, 4 million bricks is an insane amount, I’m sure this store is gonna be next level fun for children. For CHILDREN. Even the press release notes it’s for children and adults with children. And this is the perfect storm for adults, you can now drop your kid at the LEGO store while you go a couple buttons deep at Lucky Strike. Crossgates really does have it all for a mall. However, the fact I’ve seen at least 10 adults without children publicly proclaiming their excitement has me equally concerned and confused.

This whole time I thought we agreed LEGOs were the kryptonite of having children around, as they quickly turned from a toy block to the micro mine laying on your living room floor. I mean, for the past 5 years the internet has been littered with memes emphasizing the disgust adults have for the toy, and now we’re team LEGO again?

It’s like the Nickelback of toys, you act like you hate them until they show up in our neck of the woods.




Sure, you can turn them into a robotic arm and build remarkable things, but I don’t see the average joes of the Capital Region really taking advantage of the advanced mechanical functions these bricks can develop into. I hope the kidless adults celebrating the grand opening are excited simply out of nostalgia, which is something I can’t knock. But I just know there are gonna be many 30-somethings jumping up and down in line as the gates open, and while I can sit here and SMH, there’s one piece of advice I have.

Be smart and build protection.

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