Bruins Player Leaves Game For an Entire Period. Everything is Fine, He Just Had The Runs

Bruins nation began to worry earlier today when Dan Rosen Tweeted this:

Oh no, this isn’t good. With the games being in China, you could really only speculate what could’ve happened. DeBrusk is going to be a big part of what the Bruins do this year so it was only natural for Bruins fans to hold their breath. That is, until we got the update from Dan Rosen.



I get it, Jake, I’m a big poop at work guy.

Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to come home and take a number 2 but a wise man once told me, “when you poop, do it on company time.” When you’re having a slow day its always nice to hit the office suite for a half hour or so and refresh The Morning Skate Twitter feed every 30 seconds.

Seriously, even though DeBrush had the sharts, Jake was still able to put the puck in the net twice for the Bruins which is a nice thing to see after watching their second year forward put on a SHOW in the playoffs. I know I’m a Rangers guy but I do love this kid and it’ll be nice to see what DeBrusk can do this year.

Jake DeBrusk, big poop guy.


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