Are You Guys Actually Surprised I’m Not Into Space Jam or Space Jam Basketball Jerseys?

My one fun fact in life is that I’ve literally seen like four well-known movies ever. It’s actually not a fun fact for most people, and it’s something I usually bring up when I’m chatting with someone who I’m really not into. I tell them this information to make them confused, a little upset and have them ultimately realize they’re really not into me, either. Works every time.

People totally lose their shit when you tell them you haven’t seen one of their favorite movies or one of “the classics.”


And guess what? I live for that utter look of shock I can put on people’s faces when I tell them I haven’t seen movies like Forest Gump, Titanic, Big Daddy, The Sandlot, Home Alone, Harry Potter, Wedding Crashers…the list goes on.

But, I let the fans (all 1.1K of you who tune into the weekly Squadcast) know this week that I was not excited for the remake of Space Jam that’s coming out because, well, I’ve never seen Space Jam and really couldn’t tell you anything about it. Michael Jordan, sure, Bugs Bunny, sure, but the movie Space Jam is essentially a foreign concept to me. Sorry!

Halfway through the Squadcast when we were discussing the new film, I realized there’s one really big reason that I am not excited for this —because I cannot stand adult men in professional sports jerseys period, let alone the TUNE SQUAD jerseys select men wear in the summertime showing their fandom for this movie in a way I cannot comprehend.

I get it’s like ha ha funny and maybe worth having like a $20 Urban Outfitters Tune Squad graphic tee in your closet for like once a year, but aren’t jerseys expensive? I don’t need to see you in that cartoon movie jersey, buddy. And now that Space Jam 2 is coming out and LeBron James is taking on the lead role, I can only imagine all of the new swag that’s going to come out in support of it.

Check out my official reaction on the latest episode of the 2BD Squadcast and stay tuned for more each week right here on Two Buttons Deep.


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