Soft Serve Review – Dairy Haus

In my pursuit to find the best soft serve in Upstate New York, half assed member of the squad Jimmy the Ked joined me for this review while we were up in his neck of the woods in toga town. We started off going to another place close to downtown, I forget the name, but it was closed for the season, so we leaned on his knowledge and made our way through some backroads to this hidden gem of an ice cream parlor, Dairy Haus.

Definitely would lick again.

We reviewed well over 20 ice cream joints this summer and this came in very high. The top 10 ranking is at the end of the video. There were a lot of suspected winners, and a couple underdogs like Dairy Haus who made their way on the list. There are FAR more places than I anticipated, I thought this would be a one season series, but nope, she will continue into 2019…

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