Two Buttons Deep Class of 2019: The Shaker High School Student Section Goes All Buttons Deep at Shen Shaker Game

High school sports are a big thing in the Capital Region if you attend basically any high school around here. I mean, even like the 50-person senior classes still get hyped for something they compete in. But high school sports are an even bigger deal if you go to one of the major suburban high schools like Shenendehowa or Shaker.


Jack and I did some of our best bonding as two of the most outgoing, obnoxious sports fans when we attended Shen.

I was the cheerleading captain for three years, losing my voice and running up and down the field or court like a maniac, and Jack was in the stands helping me lead the chants in the student section and getting in trouble by every teacher’s aid who volunteered to attend the games and watch over our antics.

We got kicked out of a Section II playoff soccer game at Bethlehem, were continuously threatened by school staff numerous times for our behavior, but we kept on doin’ our thing and created honestly some of the best memories we’ll ever have.

So, when I saw the clips from the Shen vs. Shaker football game this past Friday night and saw the Shaker student section decked out in Hawaiian shirts going all buttons deep, the nostalgia rushed back in and I was very proud (even of a rival team), that the shenanigans have still kept up even through the Snapchat and social media addiction that didn’t exist when we were in the bleachers back then.


This right here is the stuff I LOVE to see. Just pure, uninterrupted ridiculousness and fun happening. I don’t like to think I’ve peaked yet (well I know I definitely didn’t physically peak back in high school at least), but those high school days supporting your friends on the field are some of the best times you’ll ever have and this article is making me feel old AF looking back on all that.

We’re lucky to have competitive teams around here and massive student sections like this –I think the Shaker fan section is called The Barn, and I’m thrilled that in this picture above, not one kid is on their phones for four quarters of football.

And most importantly, these kids are going all buttons deep. This is a huge opportunity for 2BD as we need to get the youngin’s on board with our content now so that they can grow up to be degenerates like us. I need to send them all the 2BD stickers and swag I have right now and get this Barstool flag changed to a Two Buttons Deep one ASAP.


And some bonus #content, I used to make videos on my own, too. For a grade in class but still, this handiwork of mine behind the camera got me a solid 1.5K views back in 2010. Oh, the good old days.

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