I Found the Perfect Piece of Artwork for Jack Since He is So Good at Guessing the Percentage of Water in Things

So, I just saw this story where an English artist, David Shillinglaw, is taking dirty mattresses on the side of the road and getting them to look somewhat not like trash by spray painting inspirational, comical messages on them. It’s a pretty cool idea I guess considering the amount of people that just leave rubbish like that on the streets and hope the garbage men will pick it up and send it out of sight forever.

As I was scrolling through the gallery of messages Shillinglaw writes on his mattress canvases, I saw one in particular that I think might be worth the investment for our 2BD Captain Jack because well, it’s all about his hidden talent: guessing the percentage of water in things.


Even though I’ve known Jack for over 15 years, I did not know this was his hidden talent until recently, in multiple 2BD videos, he has almost completely accurately guessed the water content in beverages like milk and coffee.

Exhibit A:

Screenshot 2018-09-28 at 2.08.55 PM

Screenshot 2018-09-28 at 2.21.17 PM

Exhibit B (start watching the 2BD Squadcast at this part below, and if you’re too lazy to press play, Jack makes the bold claim that coffee is 99 percent water):


Well dammit, Jack. Third time would’ve been a real CHARM if he could have accurately have guessed the percentage of water in his loved ones, but this artist blasting his work out to the masses has already answered that question before our water content expert could get to it. Ball’s in your court, Jack. Is Mr. Shillinglaw right? What is the real percentage of water in the human body? No Google allowed.

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