If You Could Only Drink ONE Beer for the Rest of Your Life, What Would You Choose?

It’s “National Drink Beer” day which is the most nonsense holiday I’m proud to support.

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Unless you have celiacs or are just straight up a squid, you probably like beer. It’s a modest alcohol of which you know your limits, it washes down your favorite foods like water, and is the OG cause of us all going buttons deep in the first place.

Beer is good. I’m not going to rant about the special concoction that we have loved for centuries, but instead I have a hypothetical for you to discuss with your buddies tonight at the bar…If you could only drink one beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Once you choose, you will enter a universe where no other brands are known to you, it will be like Heineken in Amsterdam, or Keystone Light in high school, it’s literally your only option. You can still partake in mixed drinks and we’ll even throw in cider for the sake of feeling generous. But as for beer, including but not limited to stouts, ales, lagers, and the rest of them, you only get one… What’s it gonna be?

For me? Easy, it’s not even a question. Labatt Blue.


I’ve been team Labatt Blue ever since I passed the Keystone Light phase in high school. As soon as I had a connect who was nice enough to me to let me choose what beer I want, I fell in love with it. It’s a light beer, it’s easy and provides a decent amount of taste for something that costs $3 at the right bar…I would definitely miss my Guinness, Magic Hat #9 and Genessee, but if we’re speaking practically, that’s what I would want to drink for the rest of my years.

Happy National Drink Beer Day, time to go buttons deep.

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