Self-Centered No More: I Spent My Hungover Sunday Running a 5K for Charity to Prove the Squad Wrong

On last week’s 2BD Squadcast, we dove into the four different personality types out there, and when it came time for the boys to assess me, it was pretty obvious that “self-centered” described me better than the rest (average, reserved or role model).

I mean, whatever. We defended this throughout all of our takes on each other because A) we’re all self-centered in a way for putting ourselves in the spotlight like this and B) being self-centered isn’t that bad when you describe it the way Marko did.

How did it feel to be called out as self-centered even with these minor justifications? Not great. I felt so not great about it that I decided to go ahead and get way out of my comfort zone when it comes to what the typically hungover 25-year-old me gets herself into on a Sunday.

I ran a freakin’ 5K for charity, people. On the type of Sunday where I drank a 12-pack of Miller Lite, forgot to take my birth control AND forgot to take my makeup off the night before. How selfless and NOT self-centered is that? To RUN for a good cause?

Yeah, it was a charity in Clifton Park my friend is involved in called Nick’s Fight to Be Healed and I was feeling pretty confident (again, not self-centered at all) that I could run a 5K at one o’clock in the afternoon after a solid year of not going on a single run.


So, squad…just updating you on my current life status here. I was actually pretty fast, DEFINITELY acted like a role model by doing something charitable in my spare time. I am officially asking for an update on my official personality trait status. That is all.

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