Natty Light Just Came Out With a 77 Rack

Natural Light just came out with a new 77 rack and I’m not shocked.†

natty 77.jpg

This reminds me of when Budweiser released one 3,240 rack in Canada last year. Maybe it’s a PR stunt, or maybe they just know their beer stinks and the cheaper they can sell it for, the better off everybody is.

There is nothing glorifying about buying Natural Light past high school. In high school it’s a beer which is cool in itself, but after high school? You’re a cheapskate who doesn’t value themselves. Anybody in those shoes is not there to sip and enjoy the beer, they’re a vehicle to obliteration, AKA all buttons deep.


Why 77? Well, Natural Light was founded in 1977, and it’s also the amount of beers anybody who enjoys Natural Light needs to drink before they feel a buzz.


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  1. Anonymous

    Natural Light is a real man’s beer…take your fucking pumpkin spice, lemonade infused, low-carb piss water and stick it up your ass.


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