Mike Leach Thinks the CFB Playoff Needs to Expand to 16 Teams, He’s Wrong

Gotta love Mike Leach, but maybe his take has something to do with his team’s current ranking?

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As the resident college football addict, of course I would love to watch a 16 team tournament unfold between all of the blue-blood programs (Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, Michigan, Oklahoma, etc) and the smaller schools that always fight for national respect (UCF, USF, Boise State, etc).

However, I am 100,000% against a playoff beyond 8 teams.

4 is good, 6 would be better, 8 would be best. 4 gets us only the best of the best leaving little room for error in the regular season. 6 would be nice, get all the Power 5 Conference champions and one at-large bid, but a bye in the CFB Playoff would be an unfair advantage (and Alabama is already an unfair advantage).

8 would hit that sweet spot. Include all of your Power 5 champs, there’s room for 1 or 2 of those other 1-loss Power 5 teams, and save at least 1 spot for the undefeated UCFs and non-power conference schools of the world. 4 first round games, 2 semi-finals, 1 championship, no (legitimate) complaints from anyone left out. Not to mention, we could finally see a true underdog run like we love to see every year in March Madness.

16 is far too much. It would suck the air out of those big mid-season match-ups we’re in the midst of right now. You’d have 2, maybe even 3-loss teams sneaking in because they were the mythical “good losses”. And who’s to say an undefeated Alabama wouldn’t sit their starters for the Iron Bowl against Auburn? And giving too many non-Power 5 schools a shot wouldn’t be great either. Having a 16-seed play a 1-seed works for basketball.

In football, it’s just dangerous.

I absolutely think UCF is deserving of a shot at the College Football Playoff Championship, but there are too many good teams playing tougher schedules to put them into the 4-team playoff. Let’s get to 8 and stop right there. I want my mid-season drama to stay as dramatic and heart-breaking as possible.

PS – Mike Leach is a living legend, it’s a shame he’s not in the national spotlight more often for everyone to marvel at.

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