I Can’t Wait to Win a Miller Lite Christmas Sweater From Stewart’s and Complete My Winter Wardrobe

Another day, another amazing move by #mypresident/#ourpresident/Stewart’s Shops president Gary Dake. Until November 4, you can enter to win a Miller Lite ugly Christmas sweater, but honestly guys, please don’t enter to win. This sweater has MY NAME and my name only allllll over it.

I don’t even know how to enter, but if it means I have to go to every Stewart’s in the Greater Capital Region, I’ll do it. Challenge me.

This contest is the perfect mix of my favorite brands and just another step in my pursuit of getting Miller Lite to officially recognize me as a person they should sponsor.

Literally, I don’t think there are two people, brands, etc. that Two Buttons Deep wants to be acknowledged more by than Gary Dake/Stewart’s and Miller Lite. They represent A) What makes Upstate NY so great and B) What going Two Buttons Deep is all about.

And now, for the Christmas sweater part –let me say I am formally OUT on ugly Christmas sweaters because Jack and I started this trend (yes, bold statement but I believe it is true) back in high school in 2010 and now it is so tremendously overplayed it pains me to see them in stores and at parties all over the USA.

However, a Miller Lite Christmas sweater is not ugly in the slightest –it’s beautiful. I would wear it all season long, especially if it was a prize from my favorite place. So, like I said, please don’t enter the contest because this sweater clearly, rightly, belongs to me.

And now for the proof that Jack and I invented the Ugly Christmas sweater trend (and throwing it back to a time where I actually knew how to be behind the camera and edit video….I hope Jack doesn’t see this).

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