Lo and Behold, 2BD Finally Made Our TV Debut on News Channel 13

Two Buttons Deep made our television debut yesterday on WNYT. However there were a lot of trials and tribulations that lead to this, stemming back to June 2017.

I originally met WNYT reporter John Craig at Sunhee’s Farm and Kitchen (a phenomenal restaurant in Troy which will change your perspective on Korean food). We were both covering an event there when we started shooting the shit. John, a seasoned reporter on the region’s (arguably) best news station, and me, the Captain of a rising new media entertainment company in the same region. We had an interesting dialogue about the modern state of local media and the direction we thought it’ll go. Right before he left I handed him my business card and told him I’d love for them to do a story on what we’re doing, he gave me a half hearted shrug before bidding farewell.

The seed was planted. 

One year later that seed had rooted and 2BD got a DM on twitter. Yes, John Craig slid into our DMs

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 1.51.43 PM.pngAfter that I didn’t hear from John for an entire month. I thought he walked over us, maybe we posted something stupid to make him move on, I didn’t know…Then one sunny day in June I got a call from a random 518 number which I ignored because, you know, robocolls. But a voicemail transcription informed me it was John Craig, calling to set up said interview.

I called him back and we bantered some more. He told me he saw his competitors giving 2BD attention now and he wanted to do a story first. I again said that we were game and told him we would do it anytime, anywhere…

Just when I thought we had it in the bag, that’s when things got tricky. 

We set up to do an interview in early July. We were excited and ready to shift our schedules whatever way we needed to to get 2BD on TV because we selfishly wanted that to happen. Taylor and I practiced our elevators pitches relentlessly for 2 weeks straight, doing mock interviews and figuring out which side is our best side to show to the camera (mine is my left side). We brought in a publicist who took us to Crossgates to get the most flattering outfits while still representing the brand, and took two and a half weeks of a media training course so we’d be prepped to handle hardball questions.

Just kidding. I scrambled out of bed 45 minutes before the interview, just to read a text from John saying they had a more important story to do that day, and that we would hopefully make it happen soon.

My dreams were crushed once again. 

I understood that we are not a super topical story, a fluff piece at best, and that hard news is their job and that will always take precedent. I stayed patient and waited for the next call which came about two weeks later.

We set a date, we were armed and ready, and we were cancelled on, again. Then we made ANOTHER date, by now it’s late August, and as the whole squad waited for a camera crew to show up to our weekly meeting, we realized the hard way that we were ghosted by News Channel 13. No warning, no texts, they just straight up didn’t show up, and the squad was left there in our best outfits but our worst morale as we realized this might just never happen. 

At this point I knew as Captain Jack I had to take command, either cut ties with the faux promises we were being fed, or double down and make sure 2BD got on TV. I did the later and vowed not to cut my hair (which was breaking the boundaries of afro status by that point) until John and I talked on camera, either in his turf or mine.

The ball was in their court. 

About another month went by, and my hair was growing a lot. You don’t realize how fast your hair grows until it’s longer than you want it to be and you can’t cut it. But I stuck with it nonetheless and made it public knowledge knowing that my unkempt hair was blood on John’s hands.

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 2.21.33 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-11-03 at 2.21.38 PM.png

Even Taylor weighed in on the action.

After weeks of that, I had just about given up hope and I cut my hair. It’s tough managing jew curls that are 5+ inches long. I was tired of it. I’m a roll out of bed kind of guy, not shower and wait an hour to see if my hair is gonna cooperate that day kind of guy. So I went to the barber and chopped it. Why was I keeping it, for a local news spot? C’mon Jack. I felt little remorse as the curls dropped to the floor. What’s in the past is in the past, I was ready to move on and maybe be interviewed by Spectrum News or something.

But then the following morning, a miracle occurred. 


And just like that, WNYT followed through once and for all. Maybe my hair protest was actually the reason things weren’t working out? I’m not sure, the world works in mysterious ways. They sent a photographer to our meeting (shoutout Kevin), and then John came and interviewed Taylor and I later in the week.

And best of all, I looked like a snack with my new haircut.


All was well, all was right, until another month went by and 2BD was still not on TV.

The ball was yet again stagnant in their court, I’m not even sure if they wanted to play anymore. I wasn’t sure why our segment wasn’t airing. So when push came to shove, I had no choice but to go face to face with them and ask what the deal was. I wanted a straight answer, as clearly these internet posts weren’t cutting the mustard.

I did what a Captain would do, and I sailed into their territory.

John clapped back.

Busy for 2 months? Honestly, I’d believe it. The local news is a hell of a business and I give credit to anyone who endures it. But after waiting a month, I grew a little weary of what was happening behind the scenes. Was our interview boring? Did we post something stupid to make them turn on us? Were they actually putting together a hit piece? I really wasn’t sure. But lo and behold, John Craig came through with one of the most incredible packages local news has ever seen.

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  1. Brian Cody

    Good for you guys. Glad you stuck it out, it was a well done piece. You all were represented well.


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