I Went on the Perfect Fall Bike Ride with my Sweet Helmet and CDPHP Cycle

I’m not the most outdoorsy girl in the world, but I can’t help but want to take advantage of the final fall days in Upstate NY before the inevitable, never-ending winter arrives. And why drive around in a car to view the foliage when you can head to a downtown area, hop on a CDPHP Cycle bike and take the scenic route?


Well, that’s what I did over the weekend –I made my plans as soon as I heard the words “50 degrees and sunny” in early November. My partner in crime Jack and I drove up the hill to the RPI campus (my only rule was no hills, please –I’m not a skilled biker) and easily got ourselves a pair of bikes to cruise around with.

Literally, it’s so easy –you download the CDPHP Cycle app, sign up and receive an account number and set yourself a pin number. Add a little $$ and type in those numbers and boom, you’ve got a set of wheels for the day. Since I am not the best at riding a bike (there was a childhood accident, a story for another time), I made sure to bring a helmet, too. But not just any helmet. A child’s bike helmet with some KILLER flames on the sides that totally complemented my outfit –I wasn’t mad about it.

And off Jack and I went, biking through the best of the RPI campus and making a special stop at Stewart’s so I could sign up for the Miller Lite ugly sweater contest. With a breakfast sandwich tucked away in my bicycle basket, we ventured to Prospect Park to enjoy the beautiful view of downtown Troy and celebrate me surviving a 2.82 mile bike ride. There were times of doubt, not going to lie.

Check out our latest 2BD Original Video below and make sure you hop on a CDPHP Cycle before the season is over!

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