Introducing Our Newest 2BD Original Series, Ten Questions Deep With Taylor

We’re just getting started over here at Two Buttons Deep, you guys know that –right? Over the past few months we’ve seen the brand start to grow with climbing views and followers, landing new partnerships with brands like CDTA, the Saratoga Automobile Museum and more, and oh yeah that time we threw a giant party on a boat, performed in front of a sold out crowd and went all buttons deep with our friends and fans.

But seriously, this is just the beginning, and if our recent successes have made us realize anything (besides the fact that we need to work super hard at this to make it succeed), it’s that there is in fact a need in the local media market for the type of content 2BD produces, and turns out people in the 518 and beyond are pretty into it.

We want you guys to be proud to be living in this area where local businesses are thriving, cities and towns are making major comebacks, and the people and strong sense of community continue to define what makes Upstate so great. And part of showing you what’s so cool about it here is making sure we can connect with, expose and promote all the wonderful things going on by talking to these people and hearing it for ourselves so we can pass those stories on to our audience.

So, with that, we’re excited to launch another new original series called 10 Questions Deep, where Taylor will sit in our cozy, pretty legit little studio at Filmworks 109 and interview people who are making sh*t happen in the Capital Region.


But before we get this series off the ground, we want you to tell us who you think is worth talking to. Know a cool chef at your favorite restaurant, someone running a startup company or charity? Send them our way because Taylor’s got no shortage of questions (well, 10…technically) that she’ll be asking our guests and making sure we go a few buttons and questions deep.

Yeah, that’s right. Two Buttons Deep goes beyond the 5W’s of journalism and the boring interview questions you hear all the time. We’re about the 5 other W’s –the “wow” and the, “what the f*ck?” and that’s what Ten Questions Deep is going to uncover with all of the interviews we set out to do.

Keep an eye out for the first episode premiering next week, and in the meantime shout out some names and faces of who you think would be a great interview subject.


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