BREAKING NEWS: I Actually Won Stewart’s Shops Miller Lite Sweater Contest

When we want something here at 2BD, we go right after it. And while we don’t always succeed, we lay the groundwork for later when one day we’re big and famous and can reminisce on the life of building a startup and making reckless attempts for brands to recognize us (or our doppelgängers).

And two of those brands that we have not been shy about wanting to connect with are Stewart’s Shops and Miller Lite, which is why I put in a little extra effort trying to win the Miller Lite ugly sweater contest earlier this month.

It was my sole mission on my final fall bike ride with CDTA’s CDPHP Cycle, and when 2BD business guy JoeBo texted me this morning to tell me I had mail at HQ #2 from Stewart’s…I couldn’t help but think there could be a snow day miracle happening and that maybe I had really won. Or maybe it was like a cease and desist letter…whatever.

The only part of this story that sucks is that I wasn’t able to open the package myself, but when I was notified that yes, this was not a cease and desist letter and it was in fact my Miller Lite Christmas Sweater, November 16, 2018 immediately became the next best day of my entire life.

The sweater is beautiful, people. I think we need to throw away the term, “ugly Christmas sweater” because of how gorgeous this piece of clothing is. The premiere beer, Miller Lite, decorated among the cheeriest and merriest of colors, is quite stunning even though they sent me a size Large, which they already knew I would be rocking as a sweater dress (Bravo, Stewarts, very on-trend). 

And even better and more rewarding than the sweater itself was the nicest note from a brand I admire and also seems to admire me, too.


Nothing like being recognized for your humor and hard work, man. Little do they know, I will be wearing this for the rest of the holiday season –which is going to be a long time considering the holiday season hasn’t even started yet. Well now today, for me, it does.


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  1. Anonymous

    So glad you liked it! We had to pull some strings to get an extra!
    –Your Friends at Stewart’s Shops


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