Minutes With Marko: An Important Message To Creatives

In a world of trend followers and hypbeasts the yearn for originality is alive more than ever. Far too often I sigh with a lack of optimism due to our generations tendencies to look outside of themselves for reassurance as opposed to looking and appreciating what’s within.

There is only one you, and we tend to lose sight of that. We always want to look around and see what we don’t have, how about we start realizing that we (you) too have something to offer.

You have something the worlds never seen before….YOU.

They’ve certainly seen what’s popular, and that popularity originated from one particular seed, only to become so massive in the internet age that the branches at the top waving in our face and breaking off into the wind is what we perceive as cool or it or dope etc.

It is the roots that remain solidified in the foundation of what they’ve built, just as it’s the one kid in the basement with the idea everyone is going to make fun of them for. That idea, or song, or chance they take that initially faces the wrath of public perception, which we need to remind ourselves is merely a mirror like reflection of the public’s fears and insecurities. They’re reject the notion to see someone take a chance because it’s something that’s crippled them for as long as they can remember.

Be you, do you…for there is only one you and that’s the one thing they can’t take from you.

We’re in this together, all love.




How do you feel?

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