NYRA CEO Asked to Resign After Using Maintenance Workers For His Own Home

A fun fact about Jimmy the Ked is that I used to work for NYRA, aka the track, for several summers in a row as a “maintenance” guy. Every single flower planted at the track was courtesy of yours truly and the boys.

My boss was the fucking man. He knew how to work us to get the best possible results and to be honest I learned a TON of shit from that place. Even though we were pretty much the designated flower planters, we were considered maintenance and worked with the biggest group of beauties you’d ever meet.

People from all different backgrounds would line up outside a shed, hacking darts, packing chews, nursing hangovers at full attention wondering what their objectives were for that day. It was essentially 8+ hours of busting balls, catching rays and most importantly, getting shit done. I have nothing bad to say about that place. I still keep close contact with a ton of people I used to work with, which is why I wanted to write about this news:

(TU) The executive who led the New York Racing Association’s recent return to private control was asked to resign this week after allegations surfaced that he used employees for maintenance and yard work at his Saratoga Springs-area home for an “extended” period of time, according to a person familiar with the decision but not authorized to comment.

This isn’t all that shocking to be honest. Whenever the big wigs from NYRA were around it was time to be on your best behavior and do literally anything they said.

I was never asked to do anything like that, but if I was I probably would’ve said yes because what am I supposed to do, say no? They were Kings and we were peasants and I never once thought otherwise. While they wore fancy suits and ties I was sweating through my khaki shorts praying that the undeniably super hot track girls didn’t get a glance at my rear end.

How do I feel about this? As a former maintenance worker, this is the ultimate sign of respect. Chris Kay was so enthused by the work that you’ve done that he decided to bring you home and boost his property value. While the track is incredibly popular and under a microscope, you’re given ample opportunities to spread your wings and prove your self worth.

When you get to go to the CEO’s Saratoga home, the pressure is on and you better not mess up. I’m assuming this is what it feels like to get called up from the minors in the dog days of summer to the majors in late October. I can just imagine the workers playing Lose Yourself by Eminem as they rolled down the drive way. You only get one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, one moment, are you going to capture it or just let it slip?

Shoutout to the maintenance guys, this was a big moment for us. I’m proud of you all.

Forever and always,

Jimmy the Ked



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