Minutes With Marko: Post For Your Followers, Not Your Critics

In today’s world it’s easy for creators to read comment sections for the wrong reasons. This will inevitably cause you to lose their mind and self-esteem when confronted with the lack of mercy provided by every middle aged virgin who tries to put you down.

I’m not saying avoid the comment sections, I’m saying avoid the negative. No need to doubt yourself more than you already do, we’re working to overcome that fear that is the false belief that we aren’t good enough. We’re more than good enough for those who seek to receive our gifts.

Not everyone will like you, that’s life, get over it.

However, there also will be people who will like you, and those are ones you need to dedicate your energy to.


When you post or create for those who love you, it’s comes from a pure place, the most pure place, a place of LOVE.

If you post out of resentment, it will be felt, and perceived as aggressive and negative by those who are paying attention to you for the right reasons.

Do you, all love.



How do you feel?

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