65-Year-Old Rides 65MPH+ On The Hood Of A Car In A Road Rage Altercation

(Boston) Police say that Fitzgerald and Kamrowski were involved in a “minor, side-swipe collision” as they were driving westbound on I-90 in Weston on Friday afternoon. They say the 65-year-old pulled over in the left lane, got out of his car, and attempted to exchange paperwork with the 37-year-old driver still inside his car.

“That encounter became adversarial,” police said, “and at some point, Kamrowski retrieved a water bottle from the interior of Fitzgerald’s vehicle before taking a position in front of that vehicle. Fitzgerald then began driving towards Kamrowski, who subsequently jumped up on the hood of Fitzgerald’s vehicle.”

Fitzgerald allegedly continued to drive with the older man on the hood of his car, at times going as fast as 70 mph, for two or three miles on the Pike, even as other drivers attempted to get him to stop. Police said while he was on the hood of the car, Kamrowski used the water bottle to break the windshield of the moving car.

CRAZY. This takes me back to a few years ago when one of my buddies accidentally ran over my other buddy with a car. It’s kind of a long story and to be honest he didn’t hit him that hard but it was hard enough to spider the windshield leaving us all staring while wondering what the fuck had happened.

As crazy as that might sound, that isn’t even a one hundredth of crazy as this video. Imagine your Pop Pop driving home from the local OTB after throwing down a couple hundreds on a 3 year year old thoroughbred that little Timmy from down the road told him about. Pop Pop is gassed up in his afternoon best about half way home before he gets in a minor fender bender. Old people, am I right?

Somehow the altercation started as a minor sideswipe to driving Pop Pop down the highway dangling off the hood of his car at 70+ MPH


Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 4.22.07 PM.png

Look at that face. LOOK AT IT. This guy is going 70 mph and have you ever seen a more cool calm and collected stature? Yeah, he might be thinking “I am in WAY over my head” but he isn’t going to let the driver know that, not for one second. The cool thing about Richard? He’d do this all over again. He’s not going to let some schmuck push him around the roads, that’s how you lose your fastball. Richard Big Dick Kamrowski can play for my team any day of the week.



How do you feel?

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