Is Two Buttons Deep the Best Comedy Troupe in the 518? Sure!

I could get used to saying the word, “troupe,” instead of squad, I guess.


troupe. (troop) A company or group of actors, dancers, or other performers.

Yeah, that’s technically what we’re working with over here at 2BD, except it’s 2019 and we call ourselves “personalities,” now, but regardless, this is the category Two Buttons Deep made the Top 5 for in voting in the critically-acclaimed Albany Times Union “Best Of” contest in the Arts & Entertainment category.

No sarcasm here, the “Best Of” is a prestigious honor here in the Capital Region, and everyone wants a chance to get voted into to this cool club whether you’re a bar or restaurant, hair salon, or funeral home. And honestly for us, it’s just pretty damn cool that we somehow made it into any category in our second year of business/antics.

So, yeah. Obviously we want you guys to vote for us. I’m sure we’re up against some pretty legitimate competition, but technically I think we do fit into this category since our squad is filled with funny, entertaining people.

Have you seen John’s reaction as he knocked on the door of the Big Foot aficionado in Whitehall, NY? Have you heard Marko try to pronounce the word, “Worcestershire Sauce” on the Bachelor’s Chop?

Two Buttons Deep a startup entertainment outlet trying to energize the local media scene, and in doing so, partner up with local likeminded businesses and brands to make sure the Capital Region continues to thrive as a cool place to live.

But most importantly, I think a 2019 “Best Of” plaque would look completely fabulous hanging up somewhere at 2BD HQ.

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