Want to Make the Most of Your Tax Return? Bet AAF Unders.

Whether you’ve been a degenerate sports bettor for years or can’t tell the difference between the spread and money line, I have something you need to start paying attention to. Want to grow that tax return Trump just gave back to you? Bet Alliance of American Football unders.

Never heard of the Alliance? I’m offended because I told you all about it right here†weeks ago. I’m a Birmingham Iron fan, but I think I like rooting for the unders even more. Over the last 2 weeks, the unders are 6-2. On the season? 12-3-1. Vegas just has no idea that these are quarterbacks trying to be good enough to be NFL backups with offensive lines in front of them who’ve barely played together. The over/under lines have steadily dropped from the NFL-like 40s-50s, to mid-high 30s, but don’t let that deter you. Look at some of these scores:

Remember, there are no extra-points, teams have to go for 2 making for some funny final scores.

Week 1:

Screenshot (10)

15-6 is a damn lacrosse score. Hilarious. Only Salt Lake/Arizona hit the over. The Stallions outscored Memphis, Atlanta, and San Diego combined.

Week 2:


12-9! 20-18! 24-12! What the hell is going on? Who cares! It’s average to below-average football in February! All under except Orlando/San Antonio (played in a dome).

Week 3:

Screenshot (11)

Relative normalcy in week 3. No scores that made me laugh to say out loud. I was dumb this week. Steve Spurrier’s Orlando Apollos had been putting up big numbers so I shied away from the under. Never again.

Week 4:


3 teams finished with 11 point in one week. No way that’s ever happened in the NFL. Absolute electricity. When the San Diego/Memphis over hit to start the weekend, I was worried the under train might be slowing down. NOPE. Not even another doubt the last 3 games.

So what have we learned here? BET AAF UNDERS. Don’t have a bookie? Find one and bet them. Life’s too short to bet the under? In the AAF, life’s too short to not bet the under. This isn’t even a betting tip, it’s financial advice.



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