I Feel Personally Attacked By SNL

I was watching SNL yesterday and I was stopped dead in my tracks from their punchline, which I’m declaring a personal attack.

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Our squad feels personally attacked @nbcsnl

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Two Buttons Deep is the squad. We have the squadcast and the squad does lots of things as a squad. Is it a cheesy gang name? Absolutely. But we embrace it the same way Trump embraces the America flag…questionably.

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When I see my bed after a long day

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The part of the joke that really stings is rolling with the crew of “problematic bachelors” which is what we are. That’s what makes this site special. None of us have our shit together and we’re out here documenting it for the pleasure of everyone who acts like they do. None of us are married and we’re all a little problematic in our own ways. John works 12 jobs and runs a beef jerky company called Circle Jerk. I can’t send Marko to anywhere alone cause he’ll be all buttons deep by the time he orders the uber. Taylor doesn’t have the discipline to walk through a Marshalls without draining her bank account. Jimmy can’t even muster up the courage to drive down past exit 9 out of his Saratoga safehaven. And I got kicked out of a Toys R’ Us during my last visit to the store that supplied my childhood…

Nonetheless, our squad is one good looking group of problematic bachelors.

I felt like someone one SNL’s writing staff must follow us for this low blow. Now I understand why Trump gets angry when the write entire episodes mocking him. Not nice!



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  1. Michelle

    They talked about you on SNL!! All publicity is good if you make it work for you!


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