Ten Questions Deep with Jeff Morad of WEQX

OK, I’ll admit, I pronounced my own interview subject’s name wrong. That’s like How To Do A Bad Interview 101, but it’s Jeff’s fault, I promise. What kind of guy puts an apostrophe in his OWN name on Facebook just for the fun of it? The program director, morning show host and slipper loving guy himself, Mr. Jeff Morad of 102.7 WEQX.

So anyway, the apostrophe made me think I needed to take a deep breath and pause between the first few letters of his last name and the last few letters of his last name, but that’s not the case at all. It’s Jeff MOR-ad with no fancy punctuation in there with a purpose. It’s really just there on social media to throw us off and to keep what he believes would be Facebook hackers gunning for his private info if they knew his real last name.

And little anecdotes such as that are the exact reason why it was so much fun to go Ten Questions Deep with Jeff at one of his favorite local hangout spots, Albany Distilling Co’s bar and bottle shop. It was a beautiful spring day-ish, I was excited to debut my “dressed down” look from my partner in fashion, ZARA at Crossgates Mall, and we were able to walk around the bar sipping on some Angry Water according to Jeff, or canned cocktail according to Rick and his crew at Albany Distilling.

102.7 WEQX is known as the “real alternative,” which means the staff there works all their little ear muscles to listen to, discover, and bring amazing talent to Upstate NY and introduce up-and-coming bands to their new biggest fans (us). They live out their mission on a daily basis by being their true selves –AKA wearing slippers to interviews and going Buttons Deep with great music and amazing people every chance they get.

Check out the latest episode of 10QD below and let us know who you’d like to see featured next on the show. Thanks to our sponsor Crossgates Mall and ZARA for my look of the week, and to Alexandria’s Beauty Salon for some serious hair styling.



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