John and I Crushed Our National Anthem Audition

Not to brag, but John and I crushed our national anthem audition yesterday at Crossgates.

This all stemmed from Dan writing that he wanted to audition, so I got the idea that it would be funny for us to do it as a quartet, since I know damn well from Karaoke (we host every Thursday 8-10PM Troy Kitchen) that none of us have the lungs to get us there solo. So I sent the idea out to the squad and Marko didn’t even respond to the madness, Dan was in, but ended up having a conflict at work last minute, so it was up to John and I to carry the torch.

We “went in dry” aka did not rehearse a single note. We just prayed it came to us the way it does while patronizing a sports event, and God answered.




How do you feel?

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