2BD Will Be Broadcasting From The Saratoga Race Track All Summer Long

Big news folks, Two Buttons Deep is teaming up with the Albany Times Union for a special partnership this summer at the track.

This all began over a year and a half ago when I spent $200 (and sent my bank account into the red) at a silent auction in pursuit to win “Editor for the Day” with Rex Smith, Editor of the Times Union. I won, but I didn’t spend $200 to see a printing press, I did it to put 2BD on their radar.

The Times Union paper has been on my kitchen counter every day of my life growing up, it’s the staple of good journalism in Upstate and we lean a lot on their original reporting for the things we cover here at 2BD. Once I found out their parent company has stake in far more than print papers, including Viceland, Buzzfeed & ESPN, I knew this was a hand I needed to shake.

We spent a cold January day together (it doesn’t matter, editors work indoors) and I learned a wealth of information from the man himself who has been a the reign of local journalism for decades. More information than I retained from the journalism courses I took in college. Sort of like how I learned more from my headset tour of the Colosseum in Rome than I did throughout 4 years of high school Latin. Point is academics were never my strong suit, but I guess making connections is.

After my day with Rex, that was it. I never followed up (regrettably) and I thought the seed was buried for good. At least I saw the printing press…

Then about a month ago, out of the blue, I received a tweet from Rex with his phone number and a call to action. So I called him and explained to him out DM’s work, and set up a meeting. Taylor and I met with the TU team and learned that they were looking to acquire the former Spectrum News broadcasting booth at the track but, with the state of affairs in their newsroom, didn’t have capacity to utilize the booth as much as they’d like. Enter Two Buttons Deep. We concluded we would utilize the broadcasting booth and film our original programs there, they can sling their papers and do some original reporting as well, we’d mix and mingle our respective audiences and the partnership was born.


We filmed 10 Questions Deep with Rex yesterday around their HQ and we have on record that he’s excited for this partnership and not at all worried about partnering with Two Buttons Deep. You hear that? The Editor of the TU understands what we’re trying to accomplish here in Upstate and we’re beyond excited and ready for this opportunity.

We’ve come a long way since starting this journey over the past two years. In fact, at the Saratoga Race Track alone we’ve met a milestone each year. In 2017, we filmed our first “viral” video outside of the track. In 2018, we had our first advertisers (shoutout CDTA) who granted us access to film inside the track. And in 2019 we have our own god damn broadcasting booth with the biggest media organization in the Capital Region (not Spectrum).


If you don’t know what button by button is, this is it. One button at a time….See you all at the track!




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