Someone Added Juggling Balls to Deangelo Vickers Routine From The Office and it is Hilarious

God damn, I love The Office. It sucks that it’s not around anymore but to be honest, it wouldn’t be able to exist in such a soft society that we currently have anyways. Do you guys remember the episode Diversity Day?


Gay Witch Hunt?


or Sexual Harassment?


The world would burn!!!!

Yesterday at work, I had a good friend of mine send me this video and I haven’t been able to stop watching since.

I was without internet for a while. Decided to use my talents to make Deangelo actually juggle balls. from DunderMifflin

If you’re an Office fan you will remember how legendary of a scene this was. Will Ferrell as a whole was an utter disappointment but if you were to say that he had one scene to remember him by it’d be this one. I always wonder how other actors don’t laugh their face off when others are doing nonsense like this. Well, almost always never.

I know that’s not the office, but that is also an all time video. Anyways, shoutout to whoever made this, it made me getting through Wednesday a hell of a lot easier.



How do you feel?

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