I Fully Endorse Two Butts Deep

Since our inception as an opinionated media outlet in 2017, we’ve had people coming at our neck for this reason or that. Some backlash is justified, like the time Taylor triggered half of Troy with her remarks about the suitcase trial, or when Dan called out Quinn & Cantera from PYX 106 for being pervs (we’re now friends).

But from my shallow research into the backlash over the last 2+ years I have two takeaways which point me to who is behind this latest attempt to smear our brand, the Two Butts Deep bandit.


Like I said in the video, at least 90% of the hate we’ve ever received has come from two sectors of keyboard warriors:

  1. Horny guys who thought Buttons Deep meant we were a porn site (this happens more than it should).
  2. Local creatives who get pissy every time they disagree with something we say and become very vocal about it because, well, they don’t have anything better to do.

And now we’re here, being very subtlety attacked by somebody who probably would benefit from investing this money into their own endeavors, but instead ordered high quality stickers through Stickermule to inadvertently advertise our brand. Am I mad? Of course not. I think it’s funny as hell and I fully endorse these stickers. They’re on brand and peaches just happen to be one of my favorite fruits. Keep ’em coming, I know Stickermule does increments of 50 so there’s more of this to come and I’m here for it.

Now, how do I know this is a slander attempt, and not just copyright infringement? Easy. I’m not new to this sticker warfare, in fact I’ve been dealing w/ it for quite some time. All clues lead to the same shmuck who has been tampering with our original stickers in the Bradley bathroom which inspired their first edition Two Butts Deep stickers.


So yeah, this all started with somebody scraping their nail across the taint of the filthiest toilet in Troy just to get their fix against us. Which means it’s a man, of drinking age, who is confirmed to have the dirtiest hands in all of Troy (homeless included). But I have to give him credit, the second edition stickers are much better than the first and I’m glad they’ve elevated their game to show that 2BD is a company of quality, those first edition stickers were embarrassing…Keep up the good work my man, sticker by sticker, butt by butt, you know the deal. Let’s turn fannys into fans.

Our Two Butts Deep logo stickers​ are printed locally by our friends at Sticker Mule




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