The Capital Region’s Best Dressed Winner ft. Jennifer from Lady Luck Hat Rentals

As you might’ve seen in our recent Squadcast, we had another amazing Saturday at the track (maybe a little too amazing because we went ALL and then some buttons deep at The Horseshoe afterwards), but before all of that went down, the Squad was sitting around in the Times Union Gazebo brainstorming a new way to announce our Capital Region’s Best Dressed winner.¬†Last week didn’t quite make sense since all three of us voted on someone different, and my plan B for the week was to have John and Jimmy go rogue into the picnic table areas and bring me back a live person to judge and vote on. Bu as you can imagine, that plan left a little too much room for error considering they are usually the ones who need the fashion help themselves.

So, our final idea was to grab intern Sureet (a previous FF winner) and put him in the hot seat to judge the most recent nominees, and I was fine with that because I trust his judgement a hellofalot more than the rest of the boys in our Squad. But then,¬†Jennifer from Lady Luck Hat Rentals slid into my DMs and wanted me to wear one of her hats for the day and hand deliver it to our booth. And even though I already had my insane ponytail going on, I couldn’t say no once I saw how adorable her pieces were (she went the extra step and stalked my Insta to see what color I was wearing), so it matched and everything.

Jennifer and I hit it off so fast we decided to throw Sureet out of his seat and have her come on and be my guest judge. She deserved it because her outfit was 100/10 as well, and with the “no losers” rule, it wasn’t too difficult to dish out a $50 gift card to ZARA for this week’s winner. Check it out below and nominate your friends, your fam, or yourself for the next week’s Capital Region’s Best Dressed list.



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