You Can Enter to WIN a Maserati Ghibli through the Saratoga Automobile Museum

Guys. We’ve recently been brought into the loop on a pretty sweet contest going on right now with our friends from the Saratoga Automobile Museum. They’ve got a 2017 Maserati Ghibli to GIVE AWAY thanks to Maserati Albany / Depaula, and all you gotta do to win is show the museum some love and buy a ticket that ultimately goes to supporting the educational programs there. Pretty easy, right?

For some reason, these fine folks trusted me enough to drive the car around for the day, and I have to say it was an absolutely unreal experience. This car is valued at approximately $86,000, which if I was eligible to win….I would probably sell for that same amount and pay off my student loans because that is the exact amount I have left to pay.

BUT, most people would just want to keep the car because this thing rides like a dream. All leather interior, super fast pickup (better get your Waze app on when you’re going for a joyride), and honestly you just look so freaking cool behind the wheel of this thing. I’ll tell you guys more about my experience with the car in an upcoming 2BD video, but I had to get the word out now about your chance to win.

Can you imagine paying essentially $20 for this car? It’s crazy to think someone is actually going to win this thing. I mean, it’s not like a worldwide sweepstakes that you don’t even bother entering because you’d never win. Your odds to win this are very good and I suggest you get yourself some tickets for a chance to walk away with an incredible car and support all the good stuff that the Saratoga Automobile Museum puts on for people who are interested in cars, history, and hanging out in the scenic Saratoga Spa State Park.

The only thing I’m bummed about is that since I’m involved with this giveaway, I am 99 percent sure that makes me ineligible to win. But, if a 2BD fan wins, promise me you’ll take the Squad for a ride in it. Visit the museum’s website to enter to win and stay tuned for the footage of my day with the Maserati.



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