Brown’s Brewing #ButtonsDeepIPA Is SOLD OUT On Day 1 (Don’t Worry, There’s More)

Just got word from the bird (Twitter) that our new beer in partnership with Brown’s Brewing, #ButtonsDeepIPA, sold out on day 1.

This is a good problem to have. Which in all honestly is a quote that I hate, but it’s true. That’s what our web team says when our site crashes from too much traffic, “Jack, that’s a good problem to have!” No it isn’t, it’s a problem, period. And I’m sure the bartenders at Brown’s feel that way when anyone tried to go a few buttons deep with the new Buttons Deep IPA…But the problem does feel kind of good.

The good news is there will be more. I believe they made 16,000 cans and even more kegs, so unless they blew their load in one night, we should be good for the next month or so. We’re lucky to have this beer and I’m excited for people to try it, not that we had anything to do with the process, but we’ll take the praise. Unless you don’t like the beer, in which case, we didn’t make it…

We tested the beer out this weekend on the Squadcast and it got a good reaction from the team. It tastes very much like an IPA, which is kind of the name of Brown’s game. My personal favorite is their Cherry Razz, and if I had things my way we would have just renamed that beer into Buttons Deep, but beggars can’t be choosers…

The beer is out in Brown’s taproom at the moment, but it is currently available others places to my knowledge including Hannaford stores, Honest Weight food co-op, and the following beverage centers: Hoosick Street, Troy, Olivers, Westmere, Savemore, EBI and others.

Unfortunately we did not get a signature 2BD can design so don’t go looking for our logo. Our beer is part of their hashtag series where a few beers are all in the same black can, but you can denote the Buttons Deep IPA by a light green cap and #buttonsdeep printed on the bottom of the can. Like I said, beggars can’t be choosers, but that’s a good problem to have.

browns buttons deep ipa.jpg



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