I Implore Everyone to Watch ESPN’s “Football is Us”

Anyone who knows me knows that I live for College Football. I get giddy watching College Gameday for the first time each season and I swear my eyes tear up with joy. I’ve essentially named it my life’s mission to bring the hype and excitement for College Football to the Northeast. I cannot understand why we don’t get it up here. So, as this season gets going, expect more from me. More College Football, more hype, because no sport makes people go Two Buttons Deep like America’s game.

For those of you who read this and don’t get it, I feel for you. I really do. I can’t imagine having no reason to crack a beer at 9 AM on Saturdays in the fall. But there’s hope. It’s the 150th year of College Football and to celebrate that, ESPN is releasing a new documentary “College Football 150”. I watched the “Football is Us” installment last night and was left nearly speechless. But not tweet-less or typo-less:

“Football is Us”, not “This is Us”…whoops

I implore everyone to watch “Football is Us”. At the very least, it’s an education on a nationwide culture that stirs up every fall.

We got a nice appetizer on Saturday with both Miami vs Florida and Arizona vs Hawaii ending in dramatic fashion, but the real kickoff is this weekend. God bless College Football and God bless the USA.



How do you feel?

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