Dollar Stores in NY Are Getting Busted For Selling Expired Products

I might’ve read the least surprising headline ever this week when I was browsing the homepage of Dollar store chains are getting in trouble for selling expired products. I mean, yeah duh?

As reported by the Times Union:

ALBANY — An investigation by the state attorney general’s office revealed that dollar store chains were selling expired products.

State Attorney General Letitia James announced Monday that her office discovered the sale of expired over-the-counter drugs and obsolete motor oil, as well as a failure to comply with the state’s bottle deposit law.

Dollar General will pay a $1.1 million fine, while Dollar Tree and Family Dollar will pay $100,000 in penalties and costs, according to a press release.

“These settlements will ensure that Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar will not only pay both a substantial fine and damages, but, more importantly, update their business practices to comply with the law so that no expired over-the-counter drugs are sold to a New York consumer again,” James said in a statement.

This is bad, bad behavior you guys. Expired drugs sound like literally one of the worst things you can put in your body, but like at the same time you probably shouldn’t be buying drugs for $1. And it gets worse –check out what the article had to say about the expired motor oil:

At Dollar General stores, investigators also found a variety of their self-branded motor oils were obsolete, including a line that was not suitable for most engines built after the Great Depression that ended in 1939.

Dollar stores are selling Great Depression era motor oil at their stores. Let’s just stop and think about that for a second? Who is the buyer for this company that is going out and buying shelves worth of expired products? Or, do these items just sit there for long they expire and no employees do a wellness check around the place to see what’s still going strong?

Regardless of what major mishap had to happen to let this all go down and then result in millions of dollars in fines to be paid, there is one thing we ALL know in life and that is most things that sound too good to be true, 100 percent are too good to be true. Dollar stores are the #1 place where that phrase applies.

Over 2,000 types of products sold for a dollar or less? Somewhere you can buy seemingly EVERYTHING in one place and spend maybe like 20 bucks on all of it? Count me OUT.

I’m not saying I am above shopping at dollar stores or anything like that, because if you need some party decor, some glassware you don’t want to have to care about, and maybe like bobby pins or something…it’s absolutely fine. It just seems crazy to me some of the things you can actually get in there, like MEDICINE, and as much as people should probably think twice before they get some of those things, maybe they don’t have a choice but to be bargain shopping and I get it. But still, check the expiration date –consumers and employees alike.

I also would love to know where they have the money to pay the million plus dollars in fines…do you know how many $1 items they would have to sell to cut that check? I mean…



How do you feel?

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