Bloody Mary Review –Don Julio Gazebo at the Saratoga Race Course

For Bloody Mary review #2 on my quest for the best Bloody Mary in Upstate NY, I grabbed John and Jimmy on a very special Travers Day to get a little morning buzz on before the Squadcast. The vibe inside the track was electric, some of us just so happened to be a little hungover from the night before (spoiler alert: it wasn’t me for once) and we had to make good use of our time while Cap’n Jack was running a little behind schedule.

It was the perfect opportunity to shoot some bonus track content and check out the Don Julio gazebo, where we met a lovely couple who strongly encouraged us to try their special beverage. I was so caught up in their spiel that I accidentally committed a major reviewer faux-pas…I asked for the BM to be spicy, when in reality, you are supposed to order it straight up, as-is every single time.

What can I say? I like my Bloody’s with a good ol’ kick to it. But, I learned my lesson because in this review, I think the spice might’ve gotten in the way for my fellow squad members. But listen, I’m learning –I haven’t been on a soft serve bender for 2+ years like Jack has been. And luckily, practice makes perfect, and if my practice is drinking more Bloody Mary’s, then I am in the absolute right position.

Check out the latest Bloody Mary review and let us know where we should go next!



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