Help Gabe Raise Money for His Friend Lilly and St. Margaret’s Assisted Technology Fundraiser

It’s always really cool to meet someone new who within just a few minutes, can totally put things in perspective and make you smile for the rest of your day. The Two Buttons Deep squad recently had one of those moments when we met Gabe, a local teenager who started his own campaign to help a friend in need.

Earlier this summer, Gabe learned that his friend Lilly, who lives at St. Margaret’s Center in Albany, was in need of a special piece of technology in order to graduate from high school. The device was extremely expensive and there was no clear way to cover the costs, so Gabe decided to design a piece of artwork for Lilly, print it onto a t-shirt, and sell them across the Capital Region and beyond to raise money for her equipment.

In less than 30 days, he’s sold over 600 t-shirts, gotten a lot of great press about his efforts, and continues to receive an outpouring of support and donations to help out Lilly and others at St. Margaret’s. So, let’s just say we were pretty honored to have a kid as cool as Gabe come through the 2BD HQ, share his story with us, and of course get an awesome squad picture with the t-shirts he designed.

A little bit about St. Margaret’s:

At St. Margaret’s we believe kids who are facing the most serious medical challenges deserve the opportunity to just be kids,

St. Margaret’s Center offers cutting-edge, 24-hour long-term intensive medical care to chronically ill children and children who have disabilities.

But, more than just skilled care, St. Margaret’s is a place where infants, children and young adults can learn and grow despite any obstacle. We’re focused on creating a full childhood experience for every patient, which includes activities, school, family and friends in a warm atmosphere that feels like home. We see our patients as kids, not conditions.

2BD friends and followers –show this fundraiser some love! Gabe is the type of person who lights up a room when he walks in it, and remains humble about what he’s doing because kindness just flows right through his body on the reg. Hear from Gabe in this video below, and click here to donate to his fundraiser or buy a t-shirt!

And by the way –the t-shirts are produced by Spectrum Designs, a Long Island, NY-based company that employs young adults with autism. So, when you buy a t-shirt, you A) support Lilly, B) help put traditionally underemployed individuals to work, and C) look like a superstar rocking Gabe’s creative design.



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