Kirsten Gillibrand Could Have Been President If She Campaigned For America To Go Limitless Buttons Deep

This week the squad was out and about celebrating sound guy Tyler’s 24th birthday in downtown Troy. We had a hell of a night going through the motions of going all buttons deep. From one button deep at Brown’s, where they were yet again sold out of #ButtonsDeepIPA. To going two, possibly three buttons deep with the help of the staple Birthday Boot at the Biergarten. In typical pursuit of going all buttons deep, we always end up at the Bradley when things are about to get weird. And it did.

We walked into the Bradley at about 11:30 where I opened the non-inviting, impermeable white door at the front of the dive and was immediately face to face with our almost President Kirsten Gillibrand. She too was all buttons deep, she gets it.


She was there with her squad celebrating (?) the end of their bid for presidency which was announced hours earlier to the dismay of nobody I know. We all saw it coming from the get-go, but we also seemed to harbor an ounce of hope for our hometown hopeful.

I can’t say if I were to hang up my hat on something as prestigious and public as a presidential bid, that I would have any plans other than getting hammered so I respect her for that. They were jiving and having a good time like they won. Our friend Vic Christopher, owner of the Bradley, took a moment to toast the Senator.

I had one shot with the Senator so I asked her the most revealing, hard-hitting question I know…

Me: How many buttons deep are you going tonight?

Gillibrand: It’s limitless.



I think that’s the best response we’ve ever gotten. I’m pretty sure Gillibrand just changed the name of the game of going buttons deep. Why go all buttons deep, when it can be limitless? You’re just going two buttons deep? Well, Gillibrand is still going, it’s limitless.

It’s so promising, so bold, and so what she needed to tell America while she was still running. If she campaigned on the fact she would take America limitless buttons deep, Trump’s “I’ll build the wall” promise wouldn’t hold a flick to that flame. President Gillibrand could have very well took office in January, but instead she chose to campaign on minuscule topics like gun violence and saving the planet.

Limitless buttons deep is the most honorable thing I’ve ever heard her say, or anyone for that matter. I just wish she had said it sooner because then she would have had my vote, and anyone else who enjoys going a few buttons deep as well. But now, you can catch her at the Bradley going limitless buttons deep, one button at a time…





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