10 Best Things That Happened In College Football – Week 1

With just one match up between ranked teams last week, we still got a mountain of awesome plays and moments from Week 1 of College Football. We got a little bit of everything that makes the sport the best and most entertaining the world has to offer. If you haven’t given it the chance to prove that to you yet, let me break down what it supplied in just week 1. It’s everything you didn’t know you needed.

1. Me, tossing this blog into the middle of your week.


2. The GODDAMN MASCOT breaking up a pile of players

Coach probably not thrilled with the spirit squad but you can’t knock that hustle.

3. Preppy boy BRAWL after North Carolina shocked South Carolina


4. Nevada’s true freshman kicker hits a 56 yarder (!!!) to beat Purdue

…and gets a scholarship

These videos never get old. They tend to come out during Spring practices but spur of the moment, underdog win locker room celebration? I need more of it.

5. Tennessee is not doing well after losing to Georgia State at home

Hey kid, at least you have the best hair in the SEC.

6. Liberty Head Coach Hugh Freeze coached the game against Syracuse from a damn hospital bed

Syracuse held the Flames to negative rushing yards by the way.

7. St. Francis punter gets OBLITERATED

8. Young Auburn fan, Bo Nix in 2011

9. Freshman starting quarterback, Bo Nix in 2019

Oregon covered +4 until that play.

10. I had Northwestern +6.5. I would really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.

The NFL doesn’t give you that much entertainment in an entire season. Can’t wait for week 2.

PS – Take Boise State -10.5 against Marshall at home. You’re welcome.



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