John Longton Has Jumped Ship

John Longton has officially jumped the ship that is Two Buttons Deep. It stinks, but it came down to a business decision for which we could not agree on. John has been with us for a little over a year now (Taylor and I have been doing this since 2016, mind you) and was one of our best personalities. When it came time to marry our talents and make it official, he wanted a big chunk of the company, we offered him a little chunk with the request of a counter offer, but instead of doing that, he walked.

It would have been water under the bridge for us until he put us on blast on his podcast, and to our colleagues and friends, so I addressed the situation like any civilized millennial would, on Instagram…

He’s not the first or the last we’ll lose from this ship. It’s no fun, but it’s all part of the game. Stay tuned for what’s next…



How do you feel?

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