Ring the Alarm: I’ve Cried MULTIPLE Times Watching This Baby React to a “Magic Trick”

RING THE ALARM! Someone, anyone! My most recent emotional umm…incident? reaction? breakdown? comes to you in the form of a viral video I saw on Facebook as I neared the end of a 20+ hour travel day en route home from Croatia. There are a lot of factors I could name that caused me to legit shed tears (on several occasions) as I watched a random toddler on the internet close his eyes as a “magic trick” to replace an empty bottle of maple syrup happened right on his own kitchen table.

Maybe I was overtired from the flights. Maybe I was already feeling a little emotional after reading The Girl Who Never Read Noam Chomsky, which also might’ve (AKA definitely) caused me to cry during the final chapters. Or maybe it’s the other massive thing that hangs over the head of a lot of women out there, which now I believe to be 100 percent true.

We all know being a girl is a wild ride, that’s not news. But what appears to be even crazier, coming from a woman who will soon be entering the latter half of her 20s, is that motherly instincts become more and more of a thing when you’re in that prime baby makin’ age (Science’s words, not mine).

I literally just can’t get over how cute this video is, OK?!?! The first time I watched it, I felt so much joy and happiness and cuteness overload that I watched it three more times, pulled my mom aside and played the video aloud in the middle of a crowded airport, and three days later, continue to have the same reaction at the simple look of this sweet, innocent toddler face. I literally can’t even stand it, and don’t say I’m being creepy or anything over here. If you’re a fellow young woman reading this, you can probably think back to a time or twelve where you’ve jumped up to hold the newest baby at your family party or simply locked eyes with a child in a stroller to try to get a smile out of them.

This is just nature working its magic, I guess. And of all things to make me realize I am in fact growing up and a whole lotta life is going to happen along the way, just so happens to be a toddler being absolutely MESMERIZED (speechless, in fact) over a brand new bottle of Aunt Jemima’s. No kidding.

In short, I’m getting old. Don’t worry about my emotional wellbeing, though –I’ll be fine. Just a little cuteness overload is all this is. I have a local media empire to build over here, so I don’t think any of this adorableness is actually going to happen to me soon or anything. But damn, does something as precious as think make you (or me, OK yeah it’s just me) realize how special it will be someday be to have a kid of my own who has the potential to create a viral video that’ll reach over 7 million strangers. Wow! Just wow.

Oh, and please watch this video to improve your own day.




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