TONIGHT! Round 2 of Karaoke Cup Auditions At The Troy Kitchen

We’re back at it folks, Thursday night at the Troy Kitchen = Karaoke like you’ve never seen it before. We’re in the midst of our Karaoke Cup competition, which is like American Idol, but with half the talent and twice the booze.

Week 2.png

We are on our 2nd of 3 auditions, with the actual competition taking place on 9/27 AKA Troy Night Out. It’s gonna be a hell of a time. We pick three contestants from each audition to move on along. Here are the three who moved on from last week with our hosts Sureet (middle) and myself (left).


Looks like we need some females to step up and even out the playing field. Tonight, 8PM. First person to sign up gets a free drink on us. So technically, it’s fiscally irresponsible for you NOT to come out and participate. Signups start at 8. See you then!




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