Tickets on Sale NOW for the 2BD Fall Booze Cruise

It’s been exactly a year since the 2BD squad sat around a table discussing whether or not we’d be able to pull off throwing our own party –you know, a party where people would actually show up and have a good time. But we didn’t just want to throw any old party. Something on land was just WAY too mainstream for us, apparently. So instead, we dreamt big and thought we just might be able to get a few people to join us on a booze cruise along the Hudson River with Dutch Apple Cruises.

Some of us were super on board (literally), some of us wanted to jump ship on the idea as a whole and try again when we were more popular, but after quite a few debates in a very short amount of time, we decided to book it and see what would happen.

And then…we freakin’ crushed it and now, we’re about to host our third booze cruise with friends, followers, family and anyone else who enjoys going all buttons deep. On October 11 you can join us for the 2BD Fall Booze Cruise from 7-10PM on Dutch Apple Cruises in Albany.

You can expect your first drink to be on us, that your ticket sales/food purchases will go to a good local cause you’ll wanna support, and most importantly, you can expect to go multiple buttons deep and have an awesome time celebrating the fall season in Upstate New York. As usual, we’ve got a few other tricks up our sleeve that you’ll want to stay tuned for, but in the meantime you can purchase your ticket NOW via the ads on our website or by going to our Facebook or Eventbrite pages.

See you there? Yes, see you there. Oh, and by the way –I said I’ll jump in the Hudson River if we sell out.



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