10 Best Things that Happened in College Football – Week 3

Welcome to our week 3 edition of the best things that happened in college football. There was a ton to choose from despite only a few big match ups. IT’S YOUR MID-WEEK COLLEGE FOOTBALL FIX LET’S GOOOOO.

Sawyer Smith is ready for it, are you?

  1. Syracuse had it’s first football sellout in over 20 years

That atmosphere put tears in my eyes as an alum of the program. That hype and energy was all I ever wanted Syracuse to have. Soon enough we’ll be toe-to-toe with Clemson every damn year.

2. “How Not to Tackle” brought to you by the Colorado State Rams

I had CSU +10 and money line. At this time, I would like to have a moment of silence for me.

Thank you.

3. The most electric failed 4th down conversion these eyes have ever seen.

Ran around 35 yards, flew 6 yards in the air, fell a yard short. Football teaching life lessons right in front of our eyes.

4. Iowa State found the second most creative way to lose this week

Ya just can’t lose like that in front of a College Gameday crowd against your in-state rival and feel like life is still worth living. Tough week to be a Cyclone.

5. On the bright side, the Cyclones enjoyed the weather delays.

6. Michigan State found THE most creative way to lose

Every time you substitute, you count. 1 to 11. Every coach in the booth. They all decided to go that extra 10% and count to 12. MSU literally lined up with 12 guys in the formation. To their credit, it did not get blocked.

But there’s no chance the kicker makes it again after a fuck up like that. I would kill to be in the stadium as he lined up for that second kick. The stench of doubt would be intoxicating.

7. Mike Leach is a crazy genius maybe exhibit #392

I mean, why not? Always gotta change it up. I’ve talked about Mike Leach before on this site we have here.

8. A catch. A good catch.

Not enough to beat Florida in consecutive seasons, but a good catch.

9. Tide’s gonna Roll

For those of you who are new to the best sport on the planet, Alabama is good at it.

10. Georgia fans show love to Arkansas State Head Coach

Coach Anderson lost his wife to breast cancer just a month ago. The opposing Georgia crowd had a pink out for him. Sports are cool. Sports are good.



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