I’m 26 Now So Apparently I Don’t Have Health Insurance Anymore

So, I celebrated a birthday on Friday –26.

Last year, I went all in and threw myself my own party at The Bradley, which I didn’t do this year because A) I’m still broke from throwing that party and B) 25 is a lot cooler sounding than 26.

While I look back on the year I had, though, it was pretty awesome. From kicking off 2019 with Fox & Friends in NYC, to performing standup at MopCo in Schenectady, to two successful 2BD booze cruises, 8 weeks of trackside fun in Saratoga, and now making major moves in Albany with the Squad–the past 365 days have had some serious milestones within all the regular, ordinary days. FYI: I have to list all these things out so when I’m 80, I will have some written evidence somewhere about what I did in life.

Anyway, I hesitated from a big personal post on Instagram or anything because really, the only big universally-felt thing that comes with 26 that I can think of is…that you lose the ability to be covered under your parents’ health insurance. And because the 2BD Instagram post about me might’ve been one of the most-liked photos of all time on our account. NBD (and no I did not post that myself).

I’ve been mentally prepping for this monumental moment of losing health insurance mostly because I’ve heard about it on the news or whatever. I knew it was going to happen eventually, even though I am not sure exactly why this is a thing in the first place.

So, as this cursed 26th birthday came closer, I expected to have my very own midnight moment like in Cinderella, but like, way less fun. Just like BOOM! wake up and you’re uninsured!

But guess what? It totally didn’t happen like that. I can’t even be sure that it happened at all, actually.

These are the types of thing you wish you were taught in school instead of long division. I’ve kept an eye out on the snail mail, in my email, voicemails, literally any type of mail where I thought I might be notified of what to do next. I have received ZERO communication from anyone official and/or important (not that I really know who I am expecting to hear from on this) but I can’t help but wonder what to do next now that it is apparently official.

What if I slip and fall on my way out of the office and need medical attention? Why does nobody feel the need to contact me about my options and how to go about all of this? I’ve figured a lot of shit out as an adult, sure, but this one I have to say I am completely unclear on how to move forward. And don’t worry, I’ll get there. I know it’s a top priority to be healthy and have health insurance obviously, but I just really expected something to happen here!!!!!! What happens here?!?!?!

I can’t even spend any more time writing this post because I should probably be Google-ing what to do next. But, you can stay tuned because I will follow up on this –I can’t be the only one with this problem, as they say.

In the meantime, though, I will avoid potholes and uneven sidewalks, refrain looking at my phone while driving, cut out drive-thru, greasy hangover food from my diet, and anything else that could potentially kill me, injure me, or make me sick out of the blue. Good thing I don’t vape –LOL.

Oh, and I will also promise to apply eye cream every night and always wash my face before going to bed, but that’s just because I am officially in the latter half of my 20s and that means I am getting old.



How do you feel?

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