Troy Waterfront Farmers Market Voted Top in the Nation

As reported by Steve Barnes (Albany Times Union):

The Troy Waterfront Farmers Market won first place nationally and first place in the Northeast region in people’s-choice voting sponsored by the National Farmland Trust. According to the trust, the Troy market received more than 1,000 votes, about 100 more than its closest competitor in both regional and national voting, the Coventry Farmers Market in Connecticut

If you’re a Capital Region resident, you might just skip right over this headline and move on to the next thing because this is hardly considered news for anyone who’s enjoyed a Saturday at the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market. The Troy Market is heaven found on River Street; a place where you can find every fresh fruit and flower imaginable, enjoy whatever cuisine you happen to be craving, all with a MAJOR bonus of being able to see a record number of adorable puppies on leashes and babies in strollers having the time of their lives.

It’s the home of the Two Buttons Deep Dog Name Game, a popular segment on our Instagram feed, and somewhere you can go to meet up with your friends, listen to live music, pop in local shops like Culinary Square, Truly Rhe, Troy Cloth & Paper, Little Pecks and more.

I haven’t been able to attend the market in a few years because I’ve worked mandatory Saturdays since 2016. But, those days are over for me now (woohoo!) and one of the first things I did this year on my free Saturday was take a solo trip to the market and soak it all up –see photo evidence below. You already know the market is a huge Instagram opportunity for all of you social media lovers out there. The @troymarket even has more followers than Two Buttons Deep, so show them some IG love and they’ll love you right back.

Seriously, it’s the perfect place for a weekend stroll –especially in the summer and fall. And in the winter, you can still enjoy the farmers market offerings because these thoughtful farmers, makers and dedicated people bring the market inside for you to shop year-round. If I had to guess, that’s at the top of the reasons why people adore this market so much.

Accolades like this might not mean much to some people (or places), but for the Capital Region, any kind of positive recognition is appreciated because it helps raise our profile and prove to others why we are not just, “that place a few hours north of New York City.”

Congrats to the Troy Market, a true community staple, and if you’re one of the few who have never been, check it out this fall before it heads inside for the winter season.



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