High Fashion Happening Here This Weekend at the Stitched Fashion Show

The word, “Stitched” has been buzzing around all the local media outlets for the past few weeks as this inaugural fashion show to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region is about to happen Saturday at the Times Union Center. The creative mind behind it all, Mike Schinnerer, has worked tirelessly with a huge squad of creative, talented people to pull this thing off with one goal in mind –to give the Capital Region a fashion footprint.

There are weeks dedicated to fashion (AKA Fashion Week) all over the world. New York, London, Milan –and even here in Upstate New York in places like Rochester and Utica. Albany is the freakin’ capital and we’ve never had our own Fashion Week before! What’s up with that? Well, Mike knew it was time for that to change; the 518 fashion scene deserves to be on the map. And obviously, I agree.

Inventing the Stitched Fashion Show was Mike’s way of making that dream come to life. I remember him telling me when he first came up with this idea, that if Stitched was a success –just one evening of high fashion and fun –that in the years to come, these fashion shows could eventually span one or two days, and eventually we could land ourselves an entire Fashion Week right here in Albany.

Now, after months and months of fundraising, coordinating creative shoots, getting logistics set up, selling tickets, and probably 1,000 more different projects, tasks, and teamwork, it’s all about happen on Saturday. I’ve been lucky enough to play a tiny, tiny, tiny part in all of this, and I wish I could’ve done more, but we got this whole 2BD thing going on over here. So, I’m happy to have been invited to the event and be able to have some fun on Saturday. You can see me glammed up in some threads from Circles, doing red carpet interviews, and obviously going a couple buttons deep for a great cause and one of my true passions in life –fashion.

Congrats to Mike and his team for what is sure to be a groundbreaking event here in the Capital Region fashion scene. I’m thinking I need to hold off on this week’s best dressed list until I see all these runway and spectator looks –it’s gonna be that good.

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