Karaoke Cup 1.0 Was A Great 1.0

On Friday we held the Capital Region’s first ever Karaoke Cup and it was a blast. We had a winner walk away with $500 and other prizes thanks to CDTA, Brown’s Brewery and of course the Troy Kitchen.

We dub Karaoke Cup to be “American Idol, but with half the talent and twice the booze” and we’re serious. I’d say that’s a compliment, as the singers who auditioned and performed for our competition were half as good as the best of American Idol, which is still very good, A lot of people were not happy with the results of Karaoke Cup, but that’s the pressure of running an event like this. Money on the line + a strong bias from the audience for who to support + alcohol = things are bound to get tense when decisions are made.


At the end of the night, we had a wonderful time and so did all of the performers (except the one Marko yelled at) so all is good.

A few things we need to improve on for next time:

  1. Better microphones/speakers. Now that this is really a thing, audio feedback can’t be.
  2. A female judge. We ended up with 3/3 guys judging, simply because that is who was available, not by design. And yes I got an earful for it.
  3. We need an actual cup for the champion to walk home with. Money is overrated.
  4. Hire a damn photographer. My go-to’s were all not available and somehow we dropped the ball in not getting someone else… Someone with a good camera did show up and was snapping pics so I gave him a Brown’s gift card to send me the photos and alas, I have not received them. Oh well, easy come, easy go. I at least hope he enjoys the ButtonsDeepIPA with that $$$.

The good new is that this will not be the last cup. I’d say Karaoke Cup 1.0 was a great 1.0. The crowd showed up, the energy at a level I don’t think the Troy Kitchen has ever felt before, and we all had a good time apart from the sore losers…There’s more where this came from, so stay tuned.



Congratulations to Robin for winning $500 and Marko’s heart.



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