Taylor Does the Stitched Fashion Show

What. A. Weekend. I thought it couldn’t get any better after the squad had an absolute blast at the first-ever Kareoke Cup at the Troy Kitchen, but then I stepped into the Times Union Center for the (also first-ever) Stitched Fashion Show –and I should’ve known it was then that my weekend would hit an absolute peak.

Stitched is the product of a yearlong effort from the creative brain of Mike Schinnerer and his team, AKA a group of people from many different professional and creative backgrounds who all saw this long-term vision of dreaming up a far-fetched idea of an event that would benefit a good cause and totally blow everyone’s mind in the process. Saturday’s event was the culmination of all the planning and hard work that goes into executing such a flawless, classy, inspiring, fun and unpredictable fashion show that nobody in the 518 has ever seen before.

I was able to be an advisory board member to this event and walk in the local celebrity portion of the show, an honor I really didn’t feel like I earned since 2BD has taken over most of my free time and I wasn’t able to be as involved as I hoped to be with Stitched from the get-go. But, these fine people gave me a chance to strut my stuff on the runway regardless, and I gotta say it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

As you all know, fashion is important to me. Not just because I love clothes, but because I love what dressing up can do to a person’s overall wellbeing. Fashion is an outlet, a form of self expression, a confidence booster, a way to bond with people, a way to start conversation, a way to stand out, a way to release…fashion represents a whole lotta good stuff if you care about it and let it be a part of your everyday life.

So, in turn, Stitched meant a lot to me too. To see over a thousand people come out and support the Ronald McDonald Charities of the Greater Capital Region, and amazing cause, and to subject themselves to one hell of a fashion show in the process of giving back. A night like this one isn’t about us “local celebrities” (like I said I didn’t really think I even deserved that title until I felt that adrenaline rush of dancing my way around the stage) but it’s about coming together and celebrating creativity, showing pride in the Capital Region, and recognizing those who give their hard work, time, money and effort into good causes, good people and good fashion. Amen to that!

Check out our latest 2BD Original Video below and stay tuned for a Stitched! exclusive version of the Capital Region’s Best Dressed dropping real soon. PS: Special thanks to my forever fashion partners: Circles & Alexandria’s Beauty Salon. You gals are a dream come true.




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