10 Best Things that Happened in College Football – Week 5

Mid-week blues? Me too. Zero buttons deep and it sucks. Let’s relive the best nonsense and football madness that happened this past college football Saturday as we look forward to this weekend.

1. Mississippi State’s Bulldog “Bully” took a hit

By the looks of it, that good boy was just fine. Took the hit like a champ. He actually got up ready to fight back. That’s SEC football baby.

2. BANG.

That receiver could not have enjoyed watching film on Sunday. Perfect example of why football is the ultimate team game.

3. The perfect forced fumble.

Rule #1: Ball security is job security.

4. Jalen Hurts with his weekly Heisman-caliber highlight

If he goes on to win it, he will be the 3rd consecutive Oklahoma quarterback to win it. Wild.

5. The fastest punter on planet Earth

The wheels on that guy tells me he’s being way underutilized in his current role. He is the closest living thing to what we saw from Forrest Gump at Alabama.

6. NC State’s quarterback now has a 7-inch long neck.


7. THIS is what makes the SEC that much better

Arkansas isn’t even good and look at the effort that dude brings to the table. I’m really hoping he goes all-in and just gets that as a permanent tattoo. Need 100% commitment in that conference.

8. Live look at how I felt about my bets on Saturday after 1 hour.

Could be fake but I don’t care, I know you laughed.

9. Hawai’i runs a fake kneel before the end of the half

Cocky move when you’re up over 3 touchdowns. But hey, Hawai’i needs to have a cocky football team. They’re the goddamn Rainbow Warriors.

10. Here’s what the Dolphins are tanking for, in case you were wondering

Yea, I’d say it’s worth it. Roll Tua.


Middle of the week. Made it. Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thursday. Then it’s Friday. So close. Almost more football and less work. You can make it and so can I.



How do you feel?

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