Team Stewart’s vs. Team Voorheesville: A 2BD Investigative Report

Every once in a while, we like to take on a super serious, hard-hitting local story here at Two Buttons Deep. We’ve tackled Big Foot, the demise of Toys ‘R Us, and now, the great debate of Upstate: a town without a Stewart’s Shops. In case you haven’t heard, here’s what’s going on in Voorheesville (courtesy of our real reporter friends at the Times Union):

ALBANY — Stewart’s Shops has sued the Village of Voorheesville over a development moratorium that thwarted the retail chain’s plan to build a large shop in the location of the former Smith’s Tavern.

It is the first time in the history of Stewart’s Shops that the convenience store and ice cream chain has filed a lawsuit against a government agency, the business said Tuesday.

The company said in a news release that in 2017 it conducted a nine-month “rigorous regulatory review” with the village to build a new shop on the site of Smith’s Tavern at 112 Maple St., once a popular destination for pizza.

After Stewart’s acquired the site and spent significant resources preparing to build there, the village enacted its ban on all development. This year, the village changed the zoning on the parcel, preventing it from moving forward, the company said.

So, yeah, there’s a little drama going on in this little village. And honestly, that’s between Stewart’s and Voorheesville –not me. But, what I had to find out was WHAT kind of people in their right mind would enjoy, no –even just tolerate –living in a place Upstate that doesn’t have a local Stewart’s? Are there Stewart’s haters out there that need a stern talking to? I felt as though it was my civic duty to take to the streets of Voorheesville to talk to some locals and see how they really felt about this big debate-turned lawsuit. Gotta stand up for #OurPresident here and get to the bottom of this –that’s the hard hitting stuff I’m talking about.




  1. Anonymous

    I think this is an easy fix.
    Voorheesville and Stewart’s should work together to fix up the existing building that was once Smiths Tavern so that it can accommodate a Stewart’s on the first floor and a cozy French Bistro/wine bar upstairs. These are two things that no village should be without.

  2. Bill

    They are both wrong – The village for changing the rules in the middle of the game and for Stewart’s for crying and taking their ball home.

    However, none of this matters. Stewart’s is so overrated. The stores are terrible. You only eat the food there if you want to get sick. The stores are dingy. I think people that grew up in the capital region are just use to subpar products (ie price chopper, Mr. Sub), so they assume what they have is quality.


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