The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Is Looking For A Cat To Be The Festmeister of This Year’s Oktopurrfest

Our friends at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society are searching for a new Feline Festmeister for this year’s Oktopurrfest.

For the last three years, Anchorcat Brian Williams (son of former Spectrum News anchor Kate Welshofer) has reigned as the Festmeister, but this year has resigned his hat to pursue better catnip out west….Can’t blame him.

This year during Oktopurrfest, a Brown’s Beer-infused fundraiser for MHHS, 2BD will be emceeing the event where we will be crowning a new Festmeister, aka the king cat in the Capital Region. All you need to do is send in a photo of your cat with a reason why he/she is the best of the rest. Obviously the cat need not be present to win such an award, but we advise the humans show up to claim the prize and go a few buttons deep with us in the process.

Nominate your cat here.

Buy tickets to the event here.

Tickets start at $30, hope to see you there!





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